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Services - Machine Shop

In our machine shop, we carry out all kinds of lathe work. We have the turning capacity for up to 1320 mm diameter.  In our machine shop, we carry out work such as:

  • Milling and gear cutting (Spur, Helical, Sprockets, Bevels etc.) and all types of splines, flanges etc.  Worm and pinions cutting.
  • Shaping, surface and cylindrical grinding.
  • Spindle boring, crank shaft grinding, brake drum machining, driving shaft repairing, clutch plate, brake plate machining etc.
  • Manufacture of conveyer.
  • Manufacture of any metal or non-metal components, machine parts etc. as per drawings or samples including gear boxes, ship equipment, parts etc.
We also carry out repairs and maintenance's of machine and special equipment , in our well-equipped machine shop.


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